Monday, November 01, 2004

Parker's hat & booties

bts_ht_sm.jpgHere are the hat and booties I made for my sister-in-law's baby, Parker, who is due to actually be born on or near December 10th. (I used this pattern for the booties - still the only bootie pattern I've made! - and this pattern for the hat.)

The booties were a total bitch to seam together, and even after three pairs made from the same pattern I still can't sew them up so that they truly look like they match each other!

The yarn I used, Paton's Divine in rose riche, was extraordinarily soft but wasn't all that easy to knit on #3 needles with all that bumpy texture going on. (I have to say, the bigger the needle the more I enjoy knitting... unless it's a good 100% wool yarn on bamboo needles and then I don't care!)

The women at the baby shower oohed and aahed, and said, "You made these?" in a satisfying way, and the mom-to-be seemed to think they were cute enough. (I couldn't tell if they'll ever be actually used, though.) Still, it was my first time making baby things and giving them away in the quasi-formal surrounds of a party, and overall I think it went well!


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