Monday, January 31, 2005

bootie along

Hi, all! I'm a new member. I've been doing baby stuff for a while now and have done a couple of the patterns from _50 Bootees to Knit_ and some of the Debbie Bliss patterns. I just got _Candy Babies_ and am teaching myself to crochet.


Monday, January 24, 2005

Another cute bootie pattern!

Here is the pink set of hat and booties. I used the same pattern for the hat and a new one for the booties. I am also knitting these for a nearby hospital. I really like this bootie pattern!

Bootie pattern:
-size 5 needles
-cast on 29(35:41) sts and knit 4 rows
-work 8 rows in stocking stitch.
-Dec Row:K0(0:3), K2tog, [K1, K2tog] 9(11:11) times, K0(0:3)
-Purl 1 row
-Eyelet Row: K1, *yfwd, K2tog, K1(2:3); rep from * to last 3(2:3) sts, yfwd, K2tog, K1(0:1).
-Purl one row

shape instep:
-K14(16:20) and turn
-P9(9:11) and turn
-work 10(12:14) rows in stocking stitch on center 9(9:11) sts. break off yarn
-with rs of work facing, pick up and K8(10:12) sts up side of instep, Knit across 9(9:11) sts of instep, pick up and k8(10:12) sts down side of instep then K across rem 5(7:9) sts.
-knit 7(9:11) rows
-K1, K2tog, K10(14:18) K2tog through back loop [tbl], K5(5:7), K2tog, K10(14:18), K2tog tbl, K1.
-Knit to end
-K1, K2tog, K9(13:17), K2tog tbl, K3(3:5), K2tog, K9(13:17), K2tog tbl, K1.
-knit to end
-cast off, join leg and foot seam. Thread ribbon through eyelets.


Simple Newborn hat and bootie pattern!!

Here is a baby hat and booties that I have just completed. I am knitting hats like these for a hospital nursery. I am knitting booties like these and other patterns for the neonatal ICU of a hospital nearby. Both of these patterns are really simple.

Hat Pattern:
-newborn size
-Use size 6 needles. Cast on 30 stitches.
-Pattern: *Knit one Row. Purl one Row. Knit one row.* Repeat from *to* 34
times. (102 rows total) Cast off.
-with yarn needle, draw on long edge of knitting together. sew short edges together and add pompom on top.

Leave a comment if you want the bootie pattern!!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Shake your bootie.....

I like little booties and I can not lie....

Okay, sorry. I couldn't resist.

Hi, my name is Jenn and I'm a new bootie along groupie. I'm currently working on a pattern I purchased at my LYS but after seeing some of the patterns on here I'm going to have to knit a ton of them!

I can't wait to finish up and show everyone how they turned out. They are my first pair too. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

new bootie knitalonger...

Hi, I am Rebecca (Becky to most) and I have been knitting booties lately becuase it seems like everyone has been having or is going to have a baby. I just finished up some angora baby booties from last minute knitted gifts. I am hoping to have some pictures up by the end of the week to show off.

Happy knitting.